2021 BLACK FRIDAY Special Deals


600 Litre Diesel Storage Tank with Pump Kit AND Solar Panels from PETRO Industrial

You get:

  1. A 600 litre baffled, self bunded Cube Diesel Storage Tank,

  2. With a 12V DC 50lpm Pump Kit,

  3. PLUS a free standing Solar Panel Kit.

This is a true "Plug-a-Play" solution where power supply is absent, but fuel is needed.

The Solar Panel Kit is a free standing unit that can be placed away from the cube tank to comply with regulations.

Pump-P B12, Auto Nozzle, Telescopic Suction Tube, 4m Delivery Hose and K33 Flow Meter.


  • 2 x Scorpion 12V 50W Solar Panel SC1250W,
  • 1 x Blue Smart Solar MPPT 75V/10A (12/24V-10A),
  • 1 x Narva Flush 6 33V Volt Meter,
  • 1 x Circuit Breaker Plastic 15A,
  • 1 x Discover 12V 120AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery,
  • 1 x Blue Smart IP65 12V/7A-Bluetooth Automatic Battery Charger,
  • Fully Fitted and Factory Tested.

    This super versatile, small footprint fuel storage tank with pre-fitted dispensing equipment is very easy to move and re-located by forklift.

    This Self Bunded PC 0.66 Cube is fully baffled and can be moved full of fuel.



    PIUSI Spin-On Particulate Fuel Filter from PETRO Industrial

    60lpm 10µm PIUSI Particulate Oil & Fuel Filter

    The more you buy the better the deal... Order in BULK and SAVE more!

    The 10µm Piusi Particulate Fuel Filter can be fitted to both suction and delivery systems to ensure that clean, particle-free fuel is dispensed.

    This oil and fuell filter has a spin on cartridge for easy installation and replacement.

    When a flow rate reduction is observed, these filters should be replaced to ensure that the filtration of the fuel is maintained. 

    • 10 micron filter,
    • Maximum flow rate of 60 lpm,
    • 1” F BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet,
    • Suitable for diesel, bio-diesel, oil and petrol,
    • Includes 1 x filter head and 1 x filter element.


        PC4.5 4000L Waste Oil Cube Storage Tank – PETRO Industrial

        The PC4.5 CUBE Tank for Waste Oil

        – a Self Bunded, Tank-in-Tank design

        Contamination of the environment is a great concern and punishable by law if ignored or non-compliant on all premises where waste oil is stored.
        With a PETRO Self Bunded, Tank-in-Tank design Cube Storage Tank your operation will be Clean, Safe AND Compliant.

        - The Cube is fully baffled and can be moved while full.


        • fast and easy "Plug-n-Play" installation,
        • small footprint,
        • pre-fitted equipment,
        • competitive price point!


          4th BLACK FRIDAY DEAL

          PIUSI Oil Piston Pumps P3.5:1 and P5.5:1 – PETRO Industrial

          The PIUSI P3.5:1 & P5.5:1 are Oil Piston Pumps!

          Suitable for transferring medium viscosity oil over short and medium distances. It is manufactured using selected materials to ensure high performance and durability.

          These pumps are just perfect for any workshop application!

          2 x Suction Pipe Options: 175mm and 940mm

          • Double effect
          • Low operational speed
          • Durable & Maintenance free
          • More powerful compared to the market standard
          • Composite material body
          • No oxidation/particles proof
          • Metal free diffuser
          • Up to 21,5 Lpm Flow rate
          • Mid-High Viscosity
          • 3-8 Bar Air Pressure
          • Below 77DB Noise Level
          • Comes with Bung Adapter


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