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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions


PIUSI Delphin AdBlue® Filling System - 240V AC

Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Filling System.

This system, properly designed for dealership/workshop requirements, is portable and allows safe clean refilling of Diesel Exhaust Fluid into vehicles’ tanks. Delphin is built from a sturdy trolley that carries the urea tank everywhere. The membrane 230 Volt pump fills the upper Delphin tank. After that, the tank of the car will be refilled from the Delphin tank. This new system avoids leaks and drippings. Versatile, easy to move and user friendly.


DEF can not be polluted by external agents thanks to the Delphin system. In fact the air of the car tank is moved to the upper Delphin tank during the refuelling of the vehicle. The sturdy structure of the trolley allows the user to be able to supply the liquid many times. The filling valve to be connected to the vehicle tank, is designed according to ISO 22241 and allows easy refuelling. Delphin has a visual level indicator, which allows the user to control the amount of liquid delivered into the vehicle tank.


  • Switch on the membrane pump to fill the upper Delphin tank.
  • Check the upper tank level through the visual level indicator; The “Overflow” tank Delphin system pumps any excess liquid back into the main drum.
  • Connect the filling valve to the tank of the vehicle.
  • Push the valve to refill the tank by gravity.
  • Check the quantity dispensed through the visual level indicator.


  • Sturdy structure of the trolley.
  • 230V Electric pump.
  • Delphin tank (20 lit).
  • Visual level indicator.
  • Delivery hose and fitting valve for tank car connection.
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