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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions


iPETRO Gen Fuel Management System

Measures and reports actual generator fuel consumption, GPS location, tank gauging, real time reporting & customised reports. 

It includes the Integrated Modem, Integrated GPS, SIM Card, 24 month iPETRO Pro Access, 2 x 25mm Piusi Pulse Meters and Piusi OCIO Tank Gauge.


  • Measures and reports real time the fuel consumption of up to 4 generators.
  • Fuel delivery and fuel return are measured.
  • Calculates and reports on fuel consumed by each of the generators being supplied.
  • Provides a GPS location of your equipment
  • Integrated automatic tank gauge will provide real time stock reporting of your bulk auxiliary tank. High and low level alarms will email and text you to advise of pre-set tank level data.
  • 24x7 unlimited user access to the iPETRO Cloud Pro web site for real time reporting of all aspects of the fuel supply to your onsite generators.
  • Powerful customised reporting  - you can modify our existing formats to produce a report to suit your needs.
  • Power requirements: 220-240VAC / 50 Hz. - 110V 60Hz. is available upon request. 
  • Power consumption: max. 30 Watts.

iPETRO Cloud Pro

  • iPETRO Cloud Pro is a secure web based service for the complete management of all aspects of the fuel storage and consumption on your power generation site. 
  • The easy to use website enables reconciliation transactions and stock movements both in real time and over defined ranges.
  • Allows you to monitor generator fuel consumption and auxiliary bulk tank stocks - in real time.

Featured functionality: 

  • Transactions and wet stock movement displayed in real time. 
  • Online reporting packages in various formats including Excel and PDF. 
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly through the iPETRO Gen terminal the iPETRO Cloud Pro web site.
  • manage multi-site fuel  consumption and stock levels.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
  • Protection from environmental issues – System highlights if stock levels change without a transaction taking place. 

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