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Power Breathers

Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion.
Extends service cycles and equipment life resulting in lower lifetime operating costs.

These breathers unit are a marked improvement over the customary dust caps or OEM breathers on equipment.
When contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through layered filter media, preventing solid particles from entering the breather and causing undue wear to your equipment surfaces.
Filtered air passes through a bed of Power Breather silica gel, which removes harmful moisture from the air.
The silica beads also work to attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shutdown, keeping the equipment dry.

Value add features:
  • Multiple head-to-head tests with leading competitors demonstrate that iPETRO POWER Breather Silica Gel averages nearly 20% more moisture holding capacity than other leading brands.
  • The increased body length of the iPETRO POWER Breather allows for 10% more volume of our silica gel when compared to leading competitors.


The addition of check-valves in our CV breather is ideal for low-flow and intermittent operations in high humidity conditions. Check-valves provide protection in washdown areas. Check-vavles isolate equipment from ambient conditions, prolonging life.

  • Body:  ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna
  • Moisture Absorbing Media:  Silica Gel
  • Filter Media:  Polyester, Polyurethane
  • Filter Efficiency:  3 Micron Absolute
  • Operating temperatures:  -20 F to 200 F / -29 ºC to 93 ºC

CV TM Breather Applications:

  • High Humidity Areas
  • Washdown Environments
  • Low-Flow
  • Gear Boxes

TM Breather Applications:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Storage Tanks
  • Totes/Drums
  • Transformers

Typical Industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Storage Facilities
  • Mining
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Energy

    Rebuildable Stainless Steel Power Breathers

    The iPETRO Rebuildable Power Breather offers the ability to remove both particulate and moisture in highflow and extreme humidity environments.
    While in service, the Power Breather eliminates moisture and particulate intrusion into the system. During shutdown, the Power Breather silica gel attracts moisture by actively drying the system.

    Construction:  304 Stainless Steel Housing
    Filter Cartridge:  20% more Microglass Media equating to more dirt holding capacity.
    Moisture Holding:  20% more moisture holding capacity for the Power Breather Gel compared to competitors and proven in head-to-head trials.
    iPETRO Rebuild Kits:  Fully Compatible with DES-CASE rebuildable breathers.


    Replacement Filter Cartridge:
    Pleated microglass filter cartridge captures airborne contaminants to 1 micron absolute.
    Desiccant Bag Filter:
    Polypropylene bag has handles for easy removal and replacement.
    Sight Glass Indicator:
    Silica gel changes color from blue to pink when the unit requires rebuilding.

    Note: Rebuild kit also includes lid gasket, sight glass gasket and oil dispersing foam pad.

    • 304 Stainless Steel housing.
    • Easy to replace desiccant bags remove moisture from incoming air.
    • Pleated filter removes particles to 1-micron absolute.
    • Eliminates rust forming condensation.
    • Prevents water contaminated fluid and sludge deposits.
    • Reduces wear and tear on equipment prolonging life.
    • Housing:  304 Stainless Steel
    • Moisture Absorbing Media:  Silica Gel
    • Filter Media:  Microglass, Polyurethane
    • Gasket/Seal:  Buna-N
    • Diesel Tank Storage
    • Hydraulic Reservoir
    • Bulk Storage
    • Chemical & Harsh Environments
    Typical Industries:
    • Manufacturing
    • Chemical
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Storage Facilities
    • Mining
    • Power Plants
    • Wind Energy

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