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MECLUBE Oil Pump - Air Operated, 200L Drum. c.w Drum Adaptor

A range of quality lubricant pumps available in a number of air to output ratios. Supplied with 950mm L suction tube and drum adaptor to suit 180L through to 220L drums. High output with low air consumption.


  • Double Acting Piston with no cams therefore dramatically decreasing the number of wearing parts within the pump.
  • Pump provides a large delivery of oil for very little air consumption.
  • Aluminium alloy body pump with electrolytic treatment that ensures very high corrosion resistance.
  • High stressed elements in Fe 420 steel.
  • 6-8 bar working pressure.
  • Air Consumption 200lpm.
  • Noise 80db.
  • 1/4” Air Inlet BSP Female Thread.
  • 1/2” Oil Outlet BSP Male Thread.


  • 1:1 - advised for the transfer of low viscosity oil (SAE 15/80), hydraulic oil, similar and antifreeze, for short distances (5-10m).
  • 3:1 - advised for the transfer of low - medium viscosity oil (SAE 15/130), and anti-freeze, for shortmedium distances (40-50m).
  • 5:1 - advised for the transfer of medium-high viscosity oil (SAE 15/240), and anti-freeze, for medium-long distances (150-240m).
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