Lever Action Barrel Hand-Pump with telescopic Suction Tube

PETRO Industrial
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HAND PUMP LEVER ACTION BARREL complete with telescopic Suction Tube

Oil pump for use with oil based fluids, heating oils, motor oils, heavy and light oils, Diesel and Kerosene. Non return seal is NBR rubber, pump is not suited for use with water based fluids, solvents, acids, antifreeze, gasoline etc. This is the most popular hand pump design, engineered for professional use.

  • Premium powder coated steel pump body with ribbed section aluminium die cast pump head for maximum strength.
  • Built-in 11/2” and 2” bung for use on drums with either openings.
  • Plated steel lever handle with rubber grip for convenience.
  • Wear resistant brass piston rings teed onto zinc die cast piston.


  • Telescopic suction tube.
  • 11/2” and 2” bung.
  • Steel body.
  • Die cast pump head.
  • Zinc piston and brass piston rings.
  • NBR seals.
  • Fits 50- 205 litre drums.
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