Vacuum Gauge - 100 kPa, 63mm Liquid Fill, Stainless Steel, ¼" BSP Bottom Entry IFS

PETRO Industrial
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$56.10 Incl. GST
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GAUGE Vacuum

Glycerin oil filled to enhance the reliability and integrity. Helps dampen the effect of vibration and pulsation, plus lubricates the movement and extends the life of gauge.

  • 100 kPa
  • 63mm
  • Liquid Fill
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • ¼" BSP Bottom Entry
  • IFS
  • Dial Size:   2" Dial Size (Crimped Casing)
  • Accuracy:   +/- 3/2/3%
  • Scale:   Dual Scale - PSI / Bar
  • Movement:   Copper Alloy
  • Bourdon Tube:   Copper Alloy
  • Window:   Polycarbonate
  • Case:   Stainless Steel case for protection in harsh environments
  • Connection:   Copper Alloy Lower Mount; 1/4" NPT (for 2" dial)
  • Normal Ambient Temp.:   -4F to +140F (-20C to +60C) 
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