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Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment




> To provide a safe working environment to our businesses it is a requirement under the Global Standards and our Insurance companies to have fire extinguishers available and located for safe use, should a fire occur.

> The selection and location of extinguishers is very important when attacking a fire as there are different types of extinguishers for different types of fire hazards.

> You will find below the types of extinguishers available to you and there specific class of fires they can be used for.

 - Dry Chemical
 - Carbon Dioxide
 - Foam
 - Air Water
 - Wet Chemical

> Covers and Cabinets for extinguishers and fire hose reels are available in different sizes and material to ensure they are protected against the harsh environment and theft. 

Fire blankets are found mainly in kitchens to be used on class “F” fires and come in four different sizes.

> Fire Hose nozzles come in a wide range of sizes & types, from water use to foam application, jet & spray.

> Fire Hose Reels are provided to give reasonable access and a controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire. A fire hose reel fully extended should reach a distance of 36metres with a 19mm diameter. With a controlled nozzle attached to the end it enables the operator to control the direction and the flow of water to the fire.

  1. Fire Fighting Foam Station
    Fire Fighting Foam Station
  2. Fire Fighting Equipment
    Fire Fighting Equipment