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Quality Assurance

You are guaranteed quality when you purchase from PETRO Industrial

As the industry leader in the design, manufacture, assembly, supply and installation of Commercial Petroleum Equipment in Australia, PETRO Industrial has again raised the bar. We are the first amongst our peers to firstly invest in our systems and processes and secondly obtain independent, third party certification to the internationally recognised Quality Standard – ISO9001:2008. 

We are proud to announce that PETRO Industrial has passed all of the audits and scrutiny applied by SAI Global leading to the certification of our Quality Systems and Processes to ISO9001:2008. 

What does this mean to you? 

  • First Time Every Time - We recognise that you want us to get it right first time, every time. The only way we will achieve this is to document how we do stuff and ensure that we stick to these systems and processes developed. 
  • We are not a Fly-by-Nighter  - The barriers to entry in our industry are coming down. Anyone can traipse up to China, engage a factory, and import equipment into the market. Would you rather deal with a fly-by-night company who probably won’t be there to support the product into the future, or a strong, well managed company such as PETRO who constantly invests in our people, our systems and our processes? If it was my money I know who I would deal with. 
  • We Learn from Mistakes -  If we make a mistake we have a formal system in place to record this, and a process to ensure we don’t make the same mistake twice. We will actively seek feedback from you and we will strive to further improve ourselves so that the customer experience with PETRO just keeps on getting better. 
  • They will be Back - This is only the beginning of the process. We are in the process of training internal auditors to check, double-check and indeed triple-check our systems and processes. In addition, SAI Global will be back to independently audit us regularly to ensure we are sticking to the rules!! 

Don’t be tempted by the ‘cheap tank’. Compare us with the others. We have a strong balance sheet, we pay our bills on time, every time, we are run by the guys who originally kicked off these self bunded tanks in the Australian market and we invest strongly in our people, our systems and our processes. We will be there to support whatever we sell you - long term – will they be? 


 PETRO ISO 9001:2008 Certification                                                                                             

PETRO ISO 9001:2008 Certification - PDF


 PETRO Quality Assurance from PICS

       PETRO Quality Assurance from PICS - PDF