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Fuel Conditioners

Fuel Conditioners

PETRO Industrial has a range of Fuel Conditioning products from a range of brands to suit your needs.


We can cater to all of your Fuel Conditioning needs and we only provide the highest quality products such as purefuel fuel / conditioner hose tail range. Contact us today if you would like to know more about which products are right for you.


A PureFuel Conditioner (PFC) disperses biofilms and removes ferrous particulates. PFCs have a variety of uses: 


> Pre-filtration. The optimum location for a PFC is typically before, and as close as possible to, a filter to be protected from the effects of MicroBiological Growth (MBG).

> Storage tanks. On inlets and outlets, irrespective of a filter being present. Any biofilm that may otherwise have entered the tank is dispersed on entry, arresting its development. If biofilm develops in a tank over a prolonged period, dispersing it on exit will reduce downstream difficulties. 

> Pumps. Ahead of a pump where, in particular, the extraction of ferrous particles will reduce wear. 

What about keeping out water? 

Preventing ANY water from making contact with fuel would avoid MBG. Stringent housekeeping regimes to avoid water ingress, and frequent draining of bottom water from a tank, are sensible precautions. Processing fuel through water-extraction media, or centrifuges, are further possibilities. 

Water avoidance is however practically impossible: humidity and condensation are omnipresent, and rain and fuel containing water are common water sources. A further problem with FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is that it holds water in suspension, which defeats most water removal strategies.

What about chemical treatments?

Chemical disinfectants or biocides - 'additives' with disinfectant properties - are frequently used but there are several shortcomings to this approach. The additive is itself a contaminant in the fuel and using it is a recurring cost.

Efforts to make fuels more ecologically sound, through reducing sulphur content and adding renewable components, are somewhat corrupted by loading the fuel with deadly toxins.


Protection for Fuel Filters

PureFuel Conditioners (PFCs) protect fuel filters from MicroBiological Growth (MBG) in two ways:

1 - Hydrodynamic effects break up MBG (biofilm), separating water, microbes and coagulated metal particles. The water disperses in the fuel and the separated microbes pass through filtration.

2 - Powerful magnetic elements in the PFC collect metal particles - large in pipelines but also as small as 1 micron in size. Powerful disruption is required to break up biofilm, however, low resistance is important:

> in pressure pipelines to minimise losses and conserve pumping energy

> in suction lines because any pressure drop reduces pump head/lift

> in vehicle/engine systems because Engine Control Units (ECUs) monitor fuel pressure


PureFuel Technologies (PFT) uses sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to optimise flow disruption in a PFC with the minimum resistance to fuel flow.

Where does the biofilm and metal come from?

Fuel oils are hygroscopic which means they will draw moisture from the air. Condensation accelerates water accumulation. In much the same way as we may catch a cold, so too may fuel 'catch a fuel bug'. If water is present - and it usually is - the fuel will be highly susceptible to MBG. MBG is generated WITHIN your fuel system - even if the fuel introduced to your system or vehicle was clean at point of entry. The microbial activity and water, together, corrode tanks, pipes and infrastructure to generate particulates from WITHIN your fuel system.


Does the MBG stay in the fuel?

Yes - but it has been dispersed by the PFC. Think of the biofilm as being like an ants' nest that has been scattered over a field - the ants will build another nest eventually, but not for some time. If this process of dispersion is repeated in a recirculating system or at strategic points in fuel's path from refinery to combustion it is extremely difficult for MBG to develop.

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