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Eye Wash + First Aid

Eye Wash + First Aid

> Eye wash equipment should be provided where there is a risk of hazardous chemicals or infectious substances causing eye injuries.

> Immediate access should be provided to shower equipment in workplaces where there is a risk of:

> Exposure to hazardous chemicals resulting in skin absorption or contamination from infectious substances

> Serious burns to a large area of the face or body (including chemical or electrical burns or burns that are deep, in sensitive areas or greater than a 20 cent piece)

> Did you know - Vehicles transporting Dangerous Goods (specifically Placard class, 2.3, 3, 4, 5.1 (Solids),5.1 (Liquids),5.2,6.1,8,9) must have an eyewash kit at least 250ml capacity, filled and ready for use at all times.