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Sharps and Biohazard Kits

Sharps and Biohazard Kits

> First aiders should take standard precautions to avoid becoming ill and exposing others to illness when handling blood or body substances.


> Standard precautions include hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment, appropriate handling and disposal of sharps and waste, cleaning techniques and managing spills of blood and body substance.



 - All items that are soiled with blood or body substances should be placed in plastic bags and tied securely.

 - Waste disposal should comply with any state or local government requirements.

 - Sharps, including scissors and tweezers that have become contaminated with blood or body substances should be disposed of in a rigid-walled puncture-resistant sharps container by the person that used them.

 - Guidance on the design, construction, colour and markings of sharps containers is provided in:

   - AS 4031 – Non-reusable containers for the collection of sharp medical items used in health care areas

   - AS/NZS 4261 – Reusable containers for the collection of sharp items used in human and animal medical applications