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Banlaw manufactures a variety of lubrication components including nozzles, receivers, vents and dust caps. Our products are designed and built for reliability and performance for use in some of the harshest work environments around the world.

Banlaw’s nozzles are made from steel and aluminium and are ergonomically designed for easy and balanced operation even under high pump pressures. Banlaw nozzles have the highest flow rate capability to help you improve refuelling times and reduce vehicle downtime.

A  variety of  receivers are manufactured from the highest quality materials including stainless steel to ensure they can withstand harsh every day treatment. The use of a ball locking mechanism ensures a secure, clean and reliable connection.

Banlaw vents are designed to manage flow rates to complement the nozzle and the receiver setup. They also ensure that the small amount of pressure in the tank at shut off is dispersed and the tank is quickly returned to atmospheric pressure. Like products such as flush face fittings, classic range-lubrication and evacuation fittings, quick fill hydraulic equipment, quick fill hydraulic vents.