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Filtration of bulk oil and diesel fuel controls the ingression of dirt into equipment when filling up oil or fuel tanks.  Contamination in lubricating oil or a fuel can rapidly wear away at expensive components ultimately causing catastrophic failure, higher fuel or oil consumption, leading to down time and higher operating costs.



• PETRO has developed a range of custom filtration products and services specifically targeted to resolve bulk oil and fuel filtration problems;

• A full range of purpose built assemblies;

• Facility upgrade options;

• Condition monitoring and analysis;

• On-site surveys to determine the best solution for your facility;

• Replacement elements and spare filter parts via PETRO approved distribution;

• Contamination control training/audit;

• Installations commissioning and fluid management systems.


Are your bulk fluids passing large amounts of free water

downstream - contaminating vehicles and equipment?

Water detection filters and systems, constructed with super absorbent media, will help you prevent downstream contamination. Installation of Donaldson’s water absorbing filter (P570248) will stop flow if large amounts of free water are detected in your fluids. Designing systems with water detection filters requires careful sizing considerations. A PETRO specialist will assist in configuring a system that meets your specific needs for flow and pressure drop. Like products such as blue spin on - fuel and oil filtration range, anti splash T.R.A.P mobile tank breather range, viking bulk fuel filtration by cim-tek, T.R.A.P bulk tank breather/ filtration and moisture protection range, lubricants filter range bulk filtration high pressure single pass filtration, piusi lubricants filtration/ decontamination trolley, piusi mobile diesel and lubricants filtration unit, bulk oil service system.         

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