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Banlaw Receivers

Banlaw Receivers

Banlaw's dry-break male fluid couplings are typically used for the refuelling of diesel fuels into vehicle & equipment fuel tanks.

Banlaw offers a variety of fuel receiver configurations to suit various applications, including our 23 series which is compatible with refuelling nozzles supplied by other OEM’s.

Banlaw receivers are designed to cater for diesel flowrates of up to 1,000LPM (264GPM) – using our 43 series receivers – or up to 800LPM (211GPM) - using our 23 series receivers.

Our receivers are manufactured from stainless steel and other fit-for-purpose materials, to offer industry leading performance, safety & durability.

A variety of accessories are available to allow the receiver to be adapted to fuel tanks or remote filling applications, including a dust cap to prevent the build-up of contamination on the receiver, and thus reduce the degree of contamination ingress into your fuel tank. Like products such as receiver parts to suit aus45 1.5 underground mining nozzle, receiver parts to suit 800lpm refelling nozzles, receiver parts to suit 1000lpm refuelling nozzles.