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Overfill Protection Monitors

Overfill Protection Monitors


> PETRO optic overfill protection systems are safe, reliable and manufactured to world recognised codes and regulations.

> With USA (Factory Mutual), European (Atex) and Australian (SAA) approvals, PETRO’ s terminal and depot based overfill protection equipment is compatible with industry recognised electronic optic and thermistor overfill probes on tanker fleets and compliant with other applicable codes such as Institute of Petroleum Code and American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice1004 (APIRP1004).

> The PETRO electronic overfill protection monitors,probes and accessories are available in a range of configurations and compatible and interchangeable with the Civacon and Scully range.

> PETRO manufacture three base models for different applications with variations such as voltages, earthing methods, probe type and numbers of probes easily accommodated in each model.



> Reliable fail-safeoperation

> Detection and shutdown response of less than 0 .5seconds

> Self checking circuitry

> System diagnostics

> Integral grounding functions on all monitors is provided at no extra cost (no need for separate grounding monitor)

> Automatic detection and switching between 2 wire and 5 wiremodes

> Compatibility with 2 wire, 5 wire and thermistor probe types

> Maintenance free with solid state circuitry requiring no adjustment