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Self Bunded Tanks

Self Bunded Tanks


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 Self Bunded Tanks Catalogue by PETRO Industrial brings you the latest and greatest in Diesel, Gasoline, and Lubricants Self Bunded Tanks


We manufacture and market an extensive range of Containerised Self Bunded Tanks suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Aviation Fuels, Lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue®), and Waste Oil. PETRO Industrial specialises in Our Liquitainer, PT Series and T Series range in size from 12 000L through to 200 000L. 



Our unique tank design is approved for site storage and transport of all liquids. The structural design allows the PETRO Cubes to be moved when full of liquid, stackable to 3 high when empty (2 high when full), and features a lockable enclosure even when dispensing equipment is in use. Pair our Cubes with a range of tank accessories, including pumps, filtration, meters, connections, hoses, nozzles and fuel management systems. All fuel systems can be housed within the bunded enclosure. 


> PETRO Cubes are designed and approved to UL142, ULC601, ULC603, AS1940, AS1692, UN31AY and BS799.  


Containerised Storage Tanks (LT, PT, T)  

All of PETRO's containerised tanks are CSC plated allowing the tanks to be transported by sea, rail, air of road transport cost effectively.  


> The PETRO T Series are our entry level economy design, featuring a traditional rectangular design that maximises the fuel storage litres capacity of the tank footprint.  Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 68,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated) / 84,000L (45ft CSC Plated) / 80,000L (48ft CSC Plated) and 105,000L (48ft Footprint breakbulk design).


> The PETRO LT Series are an advance design, highly efficient range of tanks. This model features a clever rounded rectangular profile that offers the strength of a cylindrical tank, whilst maximising the footprint of the tank design.  Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 65,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated).


> The PETRO PT Series offers a market leading range of features, including full under tank visibility, full height front pump bay housing and a clever rounded rectangular tank design.  Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 68,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated) / 84,000L (45ft CSC Plated) / 80,000L (48ft CSC Plated) and 110,000L (48ft Footprint breakbulk design).   


Fire Rated Self Bunded Tanks 

Our full range of innovative solutions for the above ground storage of flammable and combustible liquids. If you are concerned about the effects fuel storage has on your bottom line, look at the advantages of our range of aboveground fire-rated self bunded tanks.


The PETRO range of Fire Rated tanks meets the requirements of all national fire codes for fire-rated aboveground tanks and are labeled according to Underwriter’s Laboratories Standard UL2085 “Insulated, Protected Secondary Containment” Certification reference MH15135. Our range meets the requirements of UL2085, (Certificate # MH15135), AS1692 and AS1940.


PETRO Fire Rated Self Bunded Tanks utilise a patented design incorporating a lightweight fireproof slurry that is poured into the interstitial space of the tank. These materials ensure that the inner (primary) tank and its contents are protected from the effects of fire. This design allows both the inner and the outer tanks to be pressure tested at the factory and in the field. In addition, the fireproofing materials allow liquid to migrate through to the monitoring tube, so any leaks from the inner tank are detected.


Aviation Tanks 

PETRO Industrial offers a full range of Containerised Tanks (Double Wall) suitable for the storage and dispensing of AVGAS and Jet A1 Fuels.


Our range features a 360 degree wrap Secondary Tank around the Primary Tank. All wetted parts are 304 Stainless Steel negating the need for any testing of tank coatings. With CSC Plates Ranging from 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers allow for intermodal transport to your required site location with ease. 



Contact PETRO Industrial today and speak to us about how we can assist you with your queries and tanking requirements.




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