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Trust PETRO Industrial with your on-site tank maintenance.

Extend the lifespan of your equipment and gain access to greater cost control, production output and profit. PETRO Industrial offers Onsite Tank Maintenance plans to avoid any breakages and/or downtime that can cause the loss of profit. 

We will make sure your investment is performing as it should and keep your machinery running.

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PETRO Technicians are hazardous area certified PETRO Industrial's Technicians and Locations

What does this mean for you?

PETRO offers on-site servicing, maintenance, and breakdown support. Our skilled and qualified technicians are hazardous area certified.

What does that mean for you?
- We do Hazardous area verification Dossiers
- We do Hazardous area Zoning & Audits
- We have Hazardous Electrical Installation Certifications
- We are Qualified to do On-site sign-offs.

We can make sure your site is compliant with the relevant standards as the equipment is inspected, new equipment installed, replacement parts installed, or when classifications on site changes.


Do you know your legal obligations?

When it comes to storing and handling flammable and combustible liquids, all sites by law has to adhere to certain Australian Standards. 

PETRO Industrial can make sure you are compliant to the following standards


Plan a Service, rather than react to Breakdowns with the PETRO Maintenance plan.

What can go wrong:

What can we do?

We install, maintain and replace Regular & Cloud based Fluid Management Systems

PETRO Install, maintain and replace regular and cloud based fluid management systems