GROZ Rotary Hand Pump 50-210L

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HAND PUMP - GROZ | Rotary Hand Pump 50-210L

  • Most popularly used pump worldwide.
  • The PETRO version of the Rotary Pump is superior to any other with features such as Dual Directional Operation which allows the pump to both empty, as well as refill containers
  • Extremely Heavy Duty & rugged weighing 6.6 kgs (14.5 lbs)
  • Pump body is sturdy cast iron with precisely machined cast iron vanes for better draw & smoother delivery
  • Fits 15 gallons (50 litre) to 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels
  • Comes complete with suction tube, 2” cast iron bung nut & discharge spout 
WETTED COMPONENTS - Steel, Cast Iron, NBR/Viton

RECOMMENDED USE  - For dispensing Diesel, Kerosene, Heating Oils, Motor Oils, Lubricating Oils (up to SAE 90), and other non-corrosive media 

DO NOT USE - With water-based media, Antifreeze, Solvents, Acids, and Gasoline etc.

  • 3 piece suction pipe c/w mesh.
  • Capable of up to 25L/min.
  • 2” BSPM drum adaptor.
  • Master carton box quantity 6.
  • Available singly or in multiples of 6.
  • Ideal for your trade counter as packed in a coloured display box.
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