GROZ Rotary Hand Pump - FM 50-210L

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Hand Pump - GROZ | Rotary Hand Pump FM 50-210L

  • FM Approved pump with Anti Static Hose, Nozzle, Nozzle Holder, Flame Arrestor and Vacuum Breaker.
  • For use with Class 1 and Class 2 flammable and combustible liquids.
  • Ideal for quickly refuelling gasoline powered vehicles or equipment.
  • Industry standard for rotary pumps, these are by far the heaviest duty pumps, ideal for tough outdoor use in extreme weather conditions;
  • Deliver media with a head/lift up to 20’ ;
  • Solid cast iron construction, fully CNC machined to close tolerances;
  • Pump handle rotates a high quality sintered powder metal 3 vane rotor inside a highly finished pumping chamber;
  • Graphite vanes are self-lubricating and non-wearing; 
  • High-quality graphite seal allows the pump to be used with a wide variety of fluids including Diesel with up to 15% Ethanol blend;
  • Self Priming operation with discharge up to 38 LPM (10 GPM);
  • Supplied with:
    • 2” Bung
    • Telescopic Suction Tube with Strainer for use with 15 gallons (50L) – 55 gallons (205L) barrels.

Wetted Components

  • Cast Iron
  • Steel
  • Graphite
  • Paper
  • Polypropylene
Do Not Use With Water based media


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