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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions


ESOC Coolant Exchanger Range

PETRO has developed a unique system that allows for the speedy extraction, storing and re-filling of engine coolant. The Series CEX – 750 is a heavy and light duty Engine Coolant Extractor and Re- filling System. Its extraction process eliminates air pockets during engine maintenance. Automating the process allows for the coolant exchange to run smoothly and efficiently. This process insures no air pockets in Coolant System.


Time saving, clean and eliminates air pockets.

CEX – 750 may also be used to perform a coolant pressure or vacuum test.

Can filter coolant before re-introducing it into coolant system.

Can be used for coolant flush.

53 litre tank.

Samples can be taken while draining.

Optional adapters are available.


The CEX-550 is a pneumatic tool that uses two hoses to connect to the top and bottom of the coolant system/radiator via quick connect fittings. Engine coolant is drained, filtered and stored. A coolant sample can be taken during the drain process.

CEX-550 employs a two-stage filling process that is very user-friendly and easy to perform. The CEX-550 will stop the coolant flow automatically when the first stage is complete. Simply flip a switch to start the second stage. Once again the coolant flow will stop automatically when the CEX- 550 is empty. The coolant system should be full at this time as CEX-550 fills the same amount it drains.





Esoc Coolant Exchangeer


Esoc Coolant Exchangeer


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