iPETRO Tank FMS - Gauging Communication Device

PETRO Industrial

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iPETRO Tank is an integrated live linked communication device.

Designed to transmit the data from your automatic tank gauging system to the iPETRO Cloud web site.

The iPETRO Tank package is supplied with:

 - iPETRO Tank Console.
 - ability to integrate with up to 4 x Automatic Tank Gauges.
 - integrated modem and SIM card.
  • We recommend pairing the iPETRO Tank with either the Piusi OCIO, Veeder Root TLS or Franklin Colibri Automatic Tank Gauges.
  • View the contents of your tank, LIVE, via our iPETRO Cloud software package anywhere in the world - 7 days per week - 24 hours per day.
  • iPETRO Tank is configured with various alarms and reports including:
 - tank low level
 - tank high level
 - tank theft alert
 - tank contents

 - tank history - filling and decanting

  • Suitable for use with Diesel, Lubricants, Coolant, Water, Adblue®, Chemicals, Gasoline and Aviation Fuels.
  • NOTE for flammable liquids the iPETRO Console to be mounted outside of the defined site flammable vapour zone.
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