GROZ Grease Gun - Lever Operated, Heavy Duty 450g 1gm/stroke

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GREASE GUN Lever Operated Heavy Duty 450g 1gm/stroke

  • Top of the line Grease gun designed for punishing day-in and day-out heavy industrial applications.
  • Develops 10,000 PSI / 690 bar.
  • Variable stroke feature built in for use in confined areas.
  • High Tolerance Aluminium Die Cast Grease Gun Head.
  • Tough, robust barrel 0.049” (1.2 mm) thick, Heavy Duty Follower Spring, CNC machined grease gun head, large rolled threads for fast and easy reloading.
  • Supplied with a 6” (150 mm) steel extension and professional 4 jaw coupler with ball check.
  • Heavy Duty Grease Gun head c.w bulk loader and an air bleeder valve.
  • Rugged and Robust zinc plated level handle.
  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip.
  • Non slip textured finish.
  • Unique lock level mechanism allows the user to easily lock plunger rod in any position.
  • Suction fill capability.
  • Able to be loaded using a filler pump.
  • 1gm / stroke.
  • Suitable for Automotive / Industrial / Agriculture and Construction use.
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