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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions


PIUSI Grease Cart Kit - P60:1, 180KG

The Grease Cart Kit is a grease dispenser unit suitable to transfer high
viscosity lubricants. It includes the P60:1 pneumatic pump, the Drum Cover,
Follower Plate, Drum Cart, Swivel, Hose and the Grease Gun.

Designed for particularly heavy work loads and harsh working conditions, Piusi 60:1 BOOSTER air-operated grease pumps are manufactured using the materials best suited to ensure high performance and durability.

Piusi 60:1 BOOSTER pumps are suitable for transferring grease and thick oil at high pressure, over both short and long distances, thanks to the high compression ratio.

Available in different lengths, the pumps feature a soundproof protective structure. They are fitted with a pneumatic exchanger and a three-stage air discharging system which, combined with the absence of reciprocating mechanical parts subject to breaks, ensure low operating noise (just 77 DB) and a long working life.

The double effect achieved ensures enhanced efficiency and reduced air consumption.

  • Ratio 60:1
  • Maximum working pressure 460 bar
  • Noise level: 77 DB


  • 130-160L/min Air Consumption
  • Up to 200KG Drum Size
  • Noise Below 77db
  • 4-7 bar Air Pressure


  • PUMP P60:1 940

Download Datasheet for more detailed Information.

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