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iPETRO Bank - Unattended Refuelling Payment Terminal

  • Contactless Payment Terminal.
  • Cloud Based, Real Time Data and Reporting.
  • iPETRO Cloud Pro Website (FMS) Access.
  • 24/7 Support.

For You, Your Subbies or Even Your Next Door Neighbour!

iPETRO Bank provides you with the means to not only control and record the dispensing of fuel to your own fleet, but also resell fuel to your sub contractors, customers or indeed other users in your region.

iPETRO Bank has been developed to deliver a more reliable, robust and user friendly hardware and software solution to the Unattended Refuelling Market.

It’s Safe and Secure!

We have incorporated the latest and greatest in terms of transaction security to ensure your customers information is kept secure. iPETRO Bank is fully PCI DSS compliant.

All-In-One Terminal

iPETRO Bank is fully National Measurement Institute of Australia (NMI) Approved.

We are Holding ALL the Cards

The iPETRO Bank terminal accepts a wide range of payment options allowing you to retail fuel to a wide range of customers.

Stock Reconciliation

Integrate with an automatic tank gauge to provide a complete reconciliation of your fuel inventory. iPETRO Cloud provides an array of consumption data including fuel delivered, fuel in stock and fuel dispensed to provide you with an accurate reconciliation of your fuel movements.

Integrated Smarts

iPETRO Bank is pioneering the internet of things - our console is fitted with a range of innovative sensors to communicate to you, live, what is happening on site. GPS, Vibration Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Shock Sensors and Anti Tamper Sensors all provide you with powerful information to protect this valuable asset on site.

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