MECLUBE WASTE OIL 120L Air Operated Oil Extractor c/w Gravity Drainer and Inspection Chamber

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MECLUBE WASTE OIL 120L Air Operated Oil Extractor

Comes with:

  • Gravity Drainer and Inspection Chamber
  • Level Indicator
  • 3 x Section ABS Tool Holder
  • 20L Capacity Chamber
  • 15L capacity oil pan c/w grate for oil filter draining
  • 10 x Probes supplied

The air-operated oil suction drainers are ideal for a rapid changing of motor oil to each vehicles. The recovery of the exhausted oil happen for fall, through the lateral basin adjustable for height, and also for aspiration through the probes. After depressurisation have a self-regulating working without the necessity of continue connection of compressed air, for an independent and quick aspiration, using the suitable probe between the included kit of 10 probes. The pre-chamber permit the immediate control of quantity and quality of the aspirated oil, and is equipped with a device for the internal cleaning.


  • Basin abs 3 sections tool holder.
  • Pre-chamber capacity 10L.
  • The units can suck till 2/3 of their capacity.
  • Recovery basin with breakwater grate oil filter drainage.
  • Pneumatic air emptying (max pressure 0,5 bar).
  • Equipped with 10 standard probes (Art.044-1479-000).
  • The basin is equipped with a grate drip for filter drainage.
  • Filter drain height can be adjusted.
  • Air pressure for depressurisation - 7.5 to 8bar.
  • Depressurisation time - 3 to 3.5Lpm.
  • Max suction capacity with a depressurisation - 43 to 45L.
  • Suction time with Ø 6 - 1.5 to 2Lpm.
  • Suction hose-empting – hose length - 2m.
  • Change the oil at a 60-80°C (when the engine is just siwtched off ).


  • 120L Waste Oil Drainer:  840L x 520 W x 1800H and 20L Recovery Basin.

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