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Non-Corroding Reservoir Breather Filter - 0293 Series

The Pall 0293 disposable air breather is used to prevent damaging airborne contamination from entering fluid system reservoirs.

Notes and Specifications: 

 Filtration Rating:
3 micrometers in air
Materials of Construction:

Cap and shroud – polyamide

Filtration medium – oleophobic

Resin – bonded filter fibers

Method of Construction:

 Epoxy resin potted

Vacuum Indicator

Minimum Operating

Pressure Setting:

1.1" Hg differential (37 bar)

Vacuum indicator is not a disposable unit.

 Remove prior to breather unit disposal.

Temperature range:

 -4 to + 160°F

(-20°C to +70°C)

Filtration Medium

Collapse Pressure:

15 psid (1 bar) minimum

Breather assembly supplied with blanking plug.


Order reusable vacuum indicator separately.


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