MECLUBE Waste Oil Extractor - Air Operated w/ Level Indicator

SKU: 040-1420-000
$704.00 Incl. GST

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WASTE OIL Air Operated Oil Extractors with Level Indicator

The units can suck till 2/3 of their capacity. The air operated oil aspirators are ideal for a rapid changing of motor oil to each vehicles.

After depressurisation have a self-regulating working without the necessity of continue connection of compressed air, for an independent and quick aspiration, using the suitable probe between the included kit of 10 probes.


  • We recommend to extracted waste oil at a temperature of 60°- 80°C (when the engine has just been switched off ).
  • Tank capacity of 24L or 120L with level indicator.
  • Pneumatic air emptying of tank (max pressure 0,5 bar).
  • Equipped with 10 standard probes (Art.044-1479-000).
  • Basin abs 3 sections tool holder.
  • Air-operated waste oil extractors are ideal for a rapid changing of motor oil from vehicles.
  • Units provide suction up to 2/3rds of their stated capacity.

Warning: do not use these units for the suction of brake oils, fuels and flammable liquids.


  • 24L Extractor:  330L x 280W x 980H
  • 120L Extractor:  620L x 520W x 910H
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