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WASTE OIL Air Operated Oil Extractor c/w Pantograph

The air-operated aspirators-suction drainers happen the recovery of the for fall with tank (14-50L) on the floor and also lifting for heicles on the lift bridge. This operation can be effected also for aspiration, after depressurisation (max 0.7 bar) have an independent working, ideal for a rapid changing of motor oil using the suitable probe between the included kit of 10 probes.

Warning: it is not possible to suck brake oils, fuels, inflammable and corrosive liquids.


  • Air-operated waste oil extractor / drainer with pantograph 120L for trucks.
  • Tank capacity 120L with level indicator.
  • Basin abs 3 sections tool holder.
  • Recovery basin capacity 50L on arms pantograph with breakwater grate for oil filter drainage.
  • Pneumatic air emptying (max pressure 0,5 bar).
  • Equipped with 10 standard probes (Art.044-1479-000).
  • Air pressure for depressurisation - 7.5 to 8bar.
  • Depressurisation time - 3 to 3.5Lpm.
  • Max suction capacity with a depressurisation - 85 to 90L.
  • Suction time with Ø 6 and oil at 60 – 80 °C temperature - 1.5 to 2Lpm.
  • Suction hose empting – hose length - 2m.
  • 660mm L x 600mm W x 1550mm H.
  • Weight 52kg.
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