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iPETRO Pay (On-site Payment Terminal) FMS

Now everyone with a iPETRO Pro console will be able to take credit card details and sell their fuel to anyone. 

The iPETRO Pay is a payment platform specifically designed for conducting credit card transactions in a mobile-friendly way. 

smartphone, can be used to initiate a credit card payment by scanning a unique QR Code, generated per site. The Credit Cardholder can choose to receive the code by sending an SMS or email.

iPETRO Pay Terminal from PETRO Industrial


  • No payment terminal required, only a web-enabled mobile device.
  • Any SmartPhone with a camera. No mobile application is required.
  • Funds are released to your bank account daily.
  • Options for rent or buy iPETRO Pay.
  • Options to rent or buy fuel storage.
  • iPETRO Pay can be retrofitted to existing storage tanks.
  • Compatible with the IPETRO PRO Remote Console
  • iPETRO PRO Console is NMI Approved.
  • Secure payments on a unique encrypted transaction link allows the credit card holder to securely enter their card details directly with the payment service provider.

    Contact our knowledgeable staff at PETRO Industrial for iPETRO technical questions, advice or enquire about our range of Fuel Management Systems! 

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