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PIUSI, Donaldson and PALL fuel Filtration equipment

Fuel Filtration Equipment

Fuel Filtration Equipment

Engine performance has increased over the years by improved diesel fuel delivery systems. They are much more powerful, smoother, quieter, and more economical. However, these gains are heavily influenced by the quality of the fuel. 
Cetane number indicates the ignition quality of diesel fuel. A high Cetane number represents a short ignition delay time. Most fuels have a Cetane number above 40. As diesel fuel deteriorates, oxidation by-products begin to form. The fuel begins to turn dark, starts to smell like varnish, and causes engines to smoke. The build-up of contaminants in the fuel system and storage tanks; whether by fuel deteriorating or introduced, can cause filters to block, wear out fuel pumps and injectors, causing engine damage. 

Diesel fuel must also provide cooling and lubrication of the fuel system. Today's fuel injection systems are engineered to very high tolerances and the need for high-efficiency filters. The introduction of water can be catastrophic. When the fuel is displaced by water, wear occurs because there is a lack of lubrication which was once provided by the diesel fuel. Water can also cause corrosion within the fuel system and promote bacterial growth. 

Bacteria present in the fuel can cause serious damage. The bacteria feed on fuel and iron present in the fuel system. This causes acidic by-products that contribute to corrosion of fuel pumps and injectors. Blocked fuel filters can occur when bacterial contamination is at an advanced stage. 

Don't let your fuel system deteriorate and prematurely wear out due to contaminated or poor quality diesel fuel. By sampling at regular intervals; for example at each fuel delivery, you are able to detect contaminated or poor quality fuel at an early stage.  

SOURCE: Cavpower, CAT, Fuel Analysis, as per Brochure. 

Donaldson Filters & Filtration Equipment

Remove the Contaminants From Fuel and Lubricants – Achieve More

The sophistication of today's equipment requires higher fuel and fluid cleanliness levels than ever before. Donaldson filters and bulk tank filtration systems help save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime, and even prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. Donaldson bulk filtration systems reduce your total cost of equipment ownership.

Piusi Filters & Filtration Equipment

Modern diesel engines need fuel that is as free as possible from impurities and water: PIUSI pumps can be equipped with mechanical Piusi filters to protect the pump itself from coarse impurities, and external filters to remove any finer impurities or water that may be present in the fuel. When liquids are transferred, they sometimes need to be thoroughly filtered: our range of Piusi filters and filtering systems for oil and diesel provides the ideal solution.

Filtering systems capture impurities so that the oil or diesel fuel dispensed is free from any foreign bodies that might compromise the correct operation of the machines that use the fuel or oil. 


We can cater to all of your Filtration needs and we only provide the highest quality products from leading brands such as; Donaldson filters, Piusi filtration, and PALL filtration, providing a top range of filtration products and accessories.

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