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iPETRO VMI – Integrated Cloud Based Data Measuring Dashboard for Multiple Sites on ONE Central Portal.

Experience Effortless Fuel Inventory Management with the exclusive iPETRO Vendor Management Inventory Dashboard (VMI).

The iPETRO VMI dashboard offers the perfect solution where ALL fuel management, and tank gauging systems from multiple sites and portals can be managed on one dashboard, with only ONE Login.

All you need is a web-enabled device to connect to the internet to access your iPETRO VMI account.

iPETRO VMI is a secure web-based portal for complete management of home depot and home depot networks, allowing on-line, real-time transaction and stock management over defined ranges. 

With iPETRO VMI (Vendor Management Inventory), businesses can seamlessly integrate data from various sources, eliminating the need for manual data reconciliation and reducing errors. The user-friendly interface and advanced features empower users to easily navigate and analyze vast amounts of data, providing actionable insights and improving decision-making processes.


Integrate your iPETRO Pro, iPETRO Lite, or iPETRO Link with the VMI dashboard. No additional software is required!

Enhance your setup by combining the iPETRO Link with the VMI dashboard, and seamlessly integrate with your existing management systems, regardless if it is OLE, OCIO, PIUSI, iPETRO, or other brands. This integration empowers you with full control over all your sites or depots, regardless of your geographical location. 

Moreover, our automated email alert system and reporting capabilities keep you informed about low fuel levels in any of your tanks, ensuring proactive action. Not only that, but the system can also automatically notify your fuel suppliers about any impending fuel shortages, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

The iPETRO VMI Dashboard is highly adaptable, allowing seamless customisation to meet the unique requirements of any company. Depending on the size of your fleet and the locations you manage.

iPETRO VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) Cloud Based Software
Talk to our Sales Team about how we can tailor the dashboard and reporting capabilities to enhance your business's reporting requirements.