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Modular Fuel Farms

PETRO Industrial Bulk Fuel Tank Farms
PETRO Industrial has the capability to provide bulk fuel fuel farm storage solutions to all applications.  We are the leading specialists in designing, engineering and installing large bulk fuel "Tank Farms" for large scale operations. Catering to all your custom project needs.


What is a "Fuel Farm"?

A “Fuel Farm” is a group of self-bunded aboveground fuel storage tanks, that are linked to one another to form an on-site Bulk Fuel Farm. By utilising the double wall Storage tanks, the construction and relocation of the fuel is made simpler and safer. The fuel farm can grow in size with the storage needed on site, and be taken apart and relocated when the need becomes less.

An added benefit to a Self Bunded Fuel tank, is the fact that you do no need to build a spill bund around your tank farms, as the double-wall design protects the environment.

All fabrication of the pump bays, dispensing, pumping and remote fluid management software can happen off site, and be easily commissioned once all customer expectations has been reached.

PETRO Industrial Self-funded bulk fuel Tank Farms
PETRO Industrial Tank Farm – Pipe work and filtration


Modular by Design

Fuel Farms can easily be scaled up or down to evolve with a project.
PETRO can also supply Multi-Compartment tanks to store more than one product in one tank. No special preparation is needed to install these Fuel Farms, just a level surface. 
The Fuel Farms can consist of fuel, lubrication, waste oil and various other liquids. All our tank ranges can be fabricated to work together in your Fuel Farm.

Engineering and Electrical

PETRO's group of highly qualified Engineers and Electricians work together with our customers to design the project providing detailed drawings and illustrations specific to the clients needs.
ALL our work are Compliant, Environmentally friendly, Safe and up to Australian Standards.


PETRO Industrial Tank Farm Illustration

Dispensing / Re-fueling Station

 All dispensing equipment will be installed to the specific needs of the project by PETRO Industrial.
This could include re-fueling, lubrication and Adblue applications in one station. PETRO can create pumping/dispensing points by utilising our Dangerous Goods Stores, to house all the equipment. This station / unit can be near by or at a distance, all depending on the situation or needs of the customer.


Multi-Compartment Tanks

PETRO's ultimate one-stop-station!
This is an example of a compartment tank for 8 different lubricants in one storage tank.
All pipe work leads to one dispensing station, designed by our in-house engineers.
The capabilities of our Tank range is unlimited to create and customise all the project needs.


PETRO Industrial Multi-Compartment Tank Pipe Work


Electrical design and installation

PETRO Industrial's Electrical designs and installations are designed in-house by our Electrical Engineers, ensuring all gear are compliant and up to standards. The team of Electrical Technicians are Hazardous Zone Qualified personnel, meeting all the on-site requirements!


PETRO Industrial Electrical design and engineering


View our most recent multiple Fuel Farm project below to see PETRO's Capabilities. 
Download our Capability Statement here for more information on what PETRO can offer or contact our dedicated Major Projects team via email today.