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Self bunded fuel storage tanks by PETRO Industrial

Self Bunded Bulk Storage Tanks


PETRO Industrial Self-Bunded Fluid Storage tank

We design, engineer, manufacture, market and install an extensive range of Self- Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks, with dispensing and monitoring solutions, suitable for Diesel, Biodiesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Aviation Fuels, Lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue®).

PETRO Industrial's specialty range of self-bunded fuel tanks includes the Liquitainer (LT), PT Series, T Series, PETRO Store (PS), PETRO PC Cube tanks and Trailers. They range from 450L through to 200 000L in capacities. 

PETRO Industrial is capable of manufacturing Customised bulk fuel storage tanks to suit project-specific requirements.

Provide PETRO with the details of your self bunded fuel tank's application and we will design, develop, manufacture, and install an intelligent solution that will add value to your business.

PETRO Industrial also manufactures and markets an intelligent line of Dangerous Goods Stores (DG Stores), which can be utilised to house any hazardous chemicals in an environmentally friendly manner. These containerised stores can also be configured to act as a remote pumping facility, the possibilities are endless! Read our case study on this remote-controlled hose reel assembly deployed in Fiji for a major Pacific Islands Fuel Supplier.

PETRO PC Cube Tank

Our unique fuel tank design is approved for site storage and transport of all liquids. The structural design allows the PETRO PC Cube Self Bunded Fuel Tanks to be moved when full of liquid, stackable to 3 high when empty (2 high when full), and features a lockable hatch to store all the dispensing equipment and capable of pumping while the hatch is closed. Pair our Cubes with a range of fuel tank accessories, including fuel transfer pumps, fuel filtration, flow meters, connections, hoses, dispensing nozzles, and fuel management systems. All fuel systems can be housed within the bunded enclosure. 

  • PETRO PC Cubes are designed and approved to UL142, ULC601, ULC603, AS1940, AS1692, UN31AY, and BS799.   

Containerised Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks (LT, PT, T, DG)  

All of PETRO's containerised double-wall bulk fuel storage tanks are CSC plated allowing the fuel tanks to be transported by sea, rail, air, or road transport cost-effectively.  

  • The PETRO T Series are our entry level economy self bunded fuel tank design, featuring a traditional rectangular design that maximises the fuel storage litres capacity of the tank footprint.  Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 68,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated) / 84,000L (45ft CSC Plated) / 80,000L (48ft CSC Plated) and 105,000L (48ft Footprint breakbulk design).
  • The PETRO LT (Liquitainer) Series are an advanced design, highly efficient range of self bunded fuel tanks. This model of fuel tank features a clever rounded rectangular profile that offers the strength of a cylindrical tank, whilst maximising the footprint of the tank design.  Full underground visibility and endless pump bay options to suit your project. Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 65,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated).
    • The PETRO PT Series offers a market leading range of features, including full under tank visibility, full height front pump bay housing and a clever rounded rectangular fuel tank design.  Available in 12,000L, 20,000L (10ft CSC Plated) / 25,000L, 30,000L, 38,000L (20ft CSC Plated) / 68,000L, 75,000L (40ft CSC Plated) / 84,000L (45ft CSC Plated) / 80,000L (48ft CSC Plated) and 110,000L (48ft Footprint breakbulk design).   

    • The PETRO DG Series (Dangerous Goods Storage) range of solutions that have been carefully developed for the secure, environmentally compliant, and safe storage of all of your chemical, hydrocarbon, paint, thinners, and other liquid requirements. Available in 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m, 6m, and 12m sizes with various door configurations, there is a DG Store to meet the needs of your business.

    Aviation Tanks 

    PETRO Industrial offers a full range of Containerised Self Bunded Aviation Fuel Tanks (Double Wall tanks) suitable for the storage and dispensing of AVGAS and Jet A1 Fuels.

    Our range features a 360-degree wrap Secondary Tank around the Primary Fuel Storage Tank. All wetted parts are 304 Stainless Steel negating the need for any testing of tank coatings. With CSC Plates Ranging from 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers allow for intermodal transport to your required site location with ease. These models are the industry leaders in Aviation self bunded fuel tanks.

    Contact PETRO Industrial today and speak to us about how we can assist you with your queries and Self Bunded Tank (Double wall tank) requirements.

    What is a self bunded fuel tank? Self Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks

    Storing large volumes of petroleum-based liquids on site is an effective way, to keep costs down and maximise the efficiency within your business.

    A self bunded tank, otherwise known as double-wall fuel tanks, or bunded fuel tanks, offer the most effective solution to the clean, safe, and economical storage of bulk liquids.

    A self bunded tank, by definition, is a tank within a tank. The inner tank serves as the storage cell for the fuel and the outer tank serves as the spill or leak containment system. This is otherwise known as the 'bund'. 

    The space between the inner and outer tanks serves as the bund, and is 110% of the capacity of the inner tank eliminating the need for an external spill containment system as an overfill accident is very unlikely to occur. This renders self bunded tanks as one of the most environmentally friendly bulk liquid storage options, as the risk of pollution is mitigated.

    Double wall diesel fuel tank diagram - Self Bunded Diesel Storage Tanks - Fuel Tanks Australia


    PETRO Industrial manufactures and markets an extensive range of Containerised Self Bunded Fuel Tanks suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Aviation Fuels, Lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue®). PETRO Industrial specialises in our PC CubeLiquitainerPT Series, and T Series range in size from  450L through to 200 000L. 


    Get your fuel to where you need it when you need it. Self Bunded Fuel Storage tanks can be moved at your convenience, wherever you need a reliable fuel source. Some variations of double wall fuel tanks, such as our fully baffled Cube Range can be moved while full of fuel and even stacked for convenient storage.


    The customisation options for Self Bunded Tanks are endless and can be tweaked to suit your operation, application, and budget. For example, if your business operates in the road transport sector and requires an on-site refuelling facility for its trucks, a large capacity self bunded tank with high-flow components would be appropriate. Installation and setup are effortless, with additional accessories such as iPETRO Fluids Management, the next generation of fuel management systems.

    Containerised bulk fuel storage tanks like our PT and LT series can be linked to form a self bunded, modular tank farm. Tank farms offer a clever, above-ground bulk fuel storage solution that will keep your operation up and running. Read about how a tank farm solution can scale with your business today!


    PETRO Self Bunded Tanks are built to be bought once. Self bunded tanks are designed to stand the test of time with durable, double-wall steel construction in order to keep your liquid in and keep any contaminants out. A self bunded tank is a perfect solution to the storage of petrochemical liquids in areas where the environment is particularly sensitive, such as maritime or remote settings. These locations are protected by the double-wall tank's hardy design, which can withstand all weather conditions.


    Store bulk quantities of fuel on-site, within easy reach of your machinery. Not only are you saving time and money by enabling your machinery to be refuelled onsite, but you can also take advantage of bulk purchase fuel prices. This saves your business time and increases revenue as your machinery can operate more consistently. Unlike underground refuelling setups, a self bunded tank can simply be dropped onsite and with minimal setup time, your fleet has a reliable fuel source.

    So, why a self bunded tank?

    • 450L to 200,000L 
    • Environmentally friendly
    • A great addition to your hire fleet
    • ISO9001 compliant
    • Quick setup
    • Increase equipment operational time
    • Cost-effective
    • Transportable as a standard shipping container would be
    • Tailored solutions for your application
    • Internal bunding - a standalone solution

    PETRO Industrial has the capacity, through direct factory integration, to design, develop, manufacture, deliver, install and commission a wide range of high quality, tailored self bunded fuel tank solutions to your business. From a farmyard to a large-scale mining operation, there is a self bunded tank to fit your application.

    Contact one of the knowledgeable PETRO team today, in order to determine which model of Self Bunded tank would best meet your needs.