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PETRO LIQUITAINER Range of Containerised Self Bunded Tanks (Double Wall)

Fully designed and manufactured by PETRO Industrial in Thailand, the Liquitainer Self Bunded Tank sets the industry standard for fabrication quality, and paint finish.

Available in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft footprint, with and without a bunded pump bay housing.


  • UL LISTED - Approved to UL142 / ULC-S601 - certificate #¬†20120912-MH49221
  • SELF BUNDED TANK (DOUBLE WALL) - Self Bunded Tank (Double Wall) Unique Rounded Rectangular Design
  • CONTAINER FOOTPRINT - Manufactured to standard 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 48ft container footprint.
  • CSC PLATED - CSC Plated as a Standard Shipping Container.¬† Can be transported via Sea / Rail or Road.
  • SELF BUNDED TANK PROFILE - Rounded Rectangular tank profile maximises storage footprint whilst maintaining full under self bunded tank visibility for long term tank fuel / oil storage applications
  • APPROVALS - Designed and approved to UL142, ULC-S601, BS799, AS1940, AS1692, AS1657
  • INTEGRATED VALVING - PETRO designed and manufactured 80mm (3") Anti Syphon Valve and Overfill Protection Valve
  • OVERFILL ALARM - Battery Operated (12V) Overfill Alarm
  • FILL INLET - Supplied with 80mm (3") Fill Line including Sch 40 Pipe, ANSI 150# Flanges, Camlock Male Fitting with Dust Cap, Fire Safe Ball Valve for isolation and Wafer Style Non Return Valve.
  • SUCTION OUTLET - supplied with 80mm (3") Suction Line including Sch 40 Pipe, ANSI 150# Flanges terminating with a Fire Safe Ball Valve.
  • BUNDED PUMP BAY HOUSING - Choice of Integrated or Clip On Bunded (Contained) Pump Bay Housing featuring removable side panels to allow for simple multiple tank connection for tank farm applications.
  • LADDER + PLATFORM - Integrated Ladder / Platform designed to AS1657.¬† Platform designed to allow for ladder connection to either side of the tank providing flexibility for site positioning and operation.¬† Infill pieces can be added in multiple tank farm applications to provide for a complete walk through platform system linking all tanks together.¬† Side staircase modules are available to be simply attached at each end of the tank farm to complete the tank top access system.
  • MANWAY - 600mm Manway with Integrated Ladder down into the tank module (2 x manways provided on all tanks larger than 12 000L) to assist with degassing for future tank maintenance
  • PAINT SPECIFICATION - Paint Colour RAL9003 Signal White/ Tanks are¬†sandblasted to SA2 Standard. Hempel Marine¬†Paint 3 Stage process. Primer Hempadur 1530.¬†2nd Coat Hempadur Hi-Build 4520. Final Coat¬†Hempathane Enamel 55100 Finished dry fi lm¬†thickness no less than 180 um
  • OPTIONAL BAFFLES - Option for baffling in order to allow the tank to be moved with liquid.
  • LIQUIDS COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, biodiesel, lubricants, gasoline (petrol) and waste oil.
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENT - multiple compartment tanks are available in all footprints to allow the storage of multiple grades / types of liquids such as various grades of lubricants or different fuels



















LT12 12,000L 11,240L 3,000 2,438 2,896 4,500  10FT HIGH CUBE Yes
LT20 20,000L  17,285L  3,000 2,438  2,896 4,500  10FT HIGH CUBE No
LT30 30,000L  29,350L  6,058  2,438  2,896  7,500  20FT HIGH CUBE  Yes
LT38 38,000L  35,340L  6,058 2,438  2,896  7,500  20FT HIGH CUBE No
LT68 68,000L  65,570L  12,192 2,438  2,896  14,500  40FT HIGH CUBE Yes
LT75 75,000L 73,500L 12,192  2,438  2,896  14,500 40FT HIGH CUBE No

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