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AdBlueⓇ Tank Self Bunded.

Self Bunded, Tank in Tank Design. Full Steel Secondary Tank – fully hydrostatically tested to ensure it will hold the liquid in the event of a breach in the primary tank.

  • Fully Hydro Tested Secondary Tank.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Inner Tank and Wetted Parts.
  • Bunded Pump Bay Housing with Personal Door Access.


  • Fully Insulated Design - designed to ensure your Diesel Exhaust Fluid liquids remains at the optimum temperature.
  • Options for Air Conditioning or Heating for Extreme climatic regions.
  • Roof mounted bund inspection hatch / tank access hatch. The roof mounted bund inspection hatch also allows access to the working parts of the system including the tank fill system / valving and the tank suction system.
  • Primary tank is securely positioned within the secondary tank by way of engineered guides fabricated into the floor and heavy duty tie down straps.
  • Removable Roof for ongoing maintenance access to inner tank.
  • 3mm Thick Steel Secondary Tank with RHS structural support.
  • Fully removable primary tank.
  • Roof / Lid of the tank is fully sealed to prevent the ingress of vermin / snakes.
  • Secondary Tank is fully hydrostatically tested to ensure the integrity of the design in the event of loss of containment of the primary tank.
  • Mechanical Overfill Protection Valve.
  • Integrated Forklift Pockets and Lashing / Lifting Lugs.
  • Choice of Submersible or Suction Pump integration.
  • Suitable for Retail or Commercial site applications - a slimline design is available for forecourt applications.
  • Both Fill and Suction Lines are fully welded 304 Stainless Steel thus reducing any possible leak points and risk of corrosion over time.
  • Front fill point is bunded in accordance with the requirements of AS1940 (min 15L).
  • Aesthetic Engineered Finish - Clean Side Profile - perfect for sign writing to your specific site / company branding requirements.
  • DN50 (2”) 304 Stainless Steel Fill Line with Camlock Fitting / Isolation Valve / Non-Return Valve - option for ToDo Fill Fitting.
  • DN50 (2”) 304 Stainless Steel Suction Line with Isolation Valve.
  • Industrial Quality, secure, lockable hinged personal access door.
  • Ability to mount dispensing and metering equipment within the tank wall / structure for easy customer dispensing access.
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