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iPETRO Pro FMS (Fuel Management System) Remote Console

Just like the product name suggests, Remote Consoles acts as slaves of the one Main iPETRO Pro Console and is there for multiple dispensing scenarios on one site. It is therefore an extension of the main console.

This solution now allows up to 8 dispensing/pay points off one iPETRO Pro, using 4 Remote Consoles (2 dispensing points per console).

iPETRO Pro Remote Console Operation


  • Cost-effective for small operators.
  • The iPETRO PRO Console takes the data from each Remote Console and consolidates it in the Cloud.
  • In the Cloud, if it came from pump 1 it is for console 1.
  • QR Codes are visible on each Remote console to make payment viable.
  • The Remote Console will be able to work with the same payment options that the iPETRO Pro Console functions on.
  • Operates with RIFD or Virtual Tags.
  • Operates up to 50m away from Main Console.
  • The screen size is 18mm high and backlit. 
  • If for some reason it loses power, the display will still be visible to showcase the amount due. 
  • Simple and reliable design.
  • Displays Pump Number, Litres and Dollar Value
  • NMI Approved for Resale of Fuel
  • Consists of 100% serviceable parts.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard allowing for easy data entry
iPETRO Pro FMS Console with 6 Remote Consoles
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