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petro industrial is a leading full-service provider of engineered self bunded tank, bulk fuel storage and dispensing solutions.


Long Distance Underground Fuel Transfer and Storage by PETRO Industrial

Long distance fuel transfer to underground tank 

Provide an efficient solution to transfer fuel to a tank 236m underground in order to refill the mining equipment.

Multi-Compartment Bulk Lubricant Storage Tank by PETRO Industrial

Multi-compartment Lubrication station for a mining application 

Custom design a Lubrication Station to house 8 different oils which dispense from a central point and also links up with a waste oil tank

Tank with Automated Fuel Supply to feed four Generators by PETRO Industrial

Automated fuel supply system for multiple generators

Provide a Bulk fuel tank to feed 4 existing Generators on site with automatic control in place to maintain crucial feed to a hospital backup power supply.

PETRO Industrial Tank Farm Solutions for Bulk Fuel Storage

Fuel Farms

PETRO Industrial provides modular, scalable, intelligently designed self bunded tank farms, for the bulk storage of diesel, ULP, lubricants and other liquids.

Remote Control Hose Reel by PETRO Industrial

Remote Control Hose Reel and Pump

Flexible fuel dispensing enabling port personnel to keep high traffic areas near the water clear when refuelling is not occurring. Positioned 80m from the Self Bunded tank and pump facility and 60m from the fuel's destination.

above ground petrol refuelling style station by PETRO Industrial

Above Ground refuelling station

This is a 110,000L Split compartment Self bunded PT Tank with Integrated Pump Bay Housing. The PT Tank was split in two compartments, 90,000L Diesels and 10,000L AdBlue tank.

High-Tech Diesel and Adblue Re-fuelling and Dispensing

High-tech Diesel and AdBlue re-fuelling station

Supply an unmanned depot re-fuelling station for Diesel and AdBlue with iPETRO Fluid Management System to measure transactions and fuel levels.

Solar Powered Cube Trailer with 85lpm Diesel Pimp Kit with Hose Reel by PETRO Industrial

Solar Powered Cube Trailer 

Equiped with a Scorpion 12V 50W Solar Panel, 12Volt 85lpm Pump Kit, Filtration and Spring Rewind Hose Reel. Fully Baffled for transport filled with liquid.

Internationally Certified Products & Processes
As an industry leader in the design, manufacture, assembly, supply and installation of Commercial Petroleum Equipment, PETRO Industrial is continuing to raise the bar.
Certifications for PETRO Products and Fuel Tanks


PETRO Industrial is a leading provider of commercial refuelling and bulk fuel storage solutions to a range of industries. From mining fuel tanks right through to aviation refuelling solutions, PETRO Has you covered.

Feel free to contact us for more information, or request a call-back from one of our knowledgeable technical specialists.

PETRO Industrial supplies the road transport industry


PETRO Industrial's wide range of tanks, dispensing equipment and Fuel Management System solutions are the perfect choice to manage and track fuel usage.

PETRO Industrial supplies the Earth moving industry

Earthmoving & Construction

Clean fuel and lubricants are crucial for the longevity of your machinery! Breakdowns are caused by contamination in your storage tanks. Do Not underestimate the importance of filtration.

PETRO Industrial supplies the aviation industry


YES! at PETRO Industrial we also provide and install solutions to the Aviation industry. We have the experience and knowledge to add value to your business in a safe and compliant manner. 

PETRO Industrial supplies the Agricultural Industry


PETRO Industrial's tanks are self bunded, affordable, easy to move, safe, compliant and environmentally friendly. With pre-fitted dispensing equipment, it makes the best "Plug-'n-Play" solution on the market.



The mining industry demands high standards for various project scopes ranging from lubrication and fuel storage to waste storage. We have qualified engineers and electricians capable of making your Major project a success.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

All PETRO Industrial's Self Bunded Bulk fuel tanks are suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, lubricants, gasoline (petrol) and waste oil. Our range of multiple compartment tanks are available in all footprints to allow the storage of multiple grades/types of liquids such as various grades of lubricants or different fuels.

PETRO Industrial supplies the Fuel Distribution industry

Fuel Distribution

We stock, supply and sell all the necessary dispensing equipment for fuel distribution. If you own your own bulk fuel storage tank you can buy and negotiate price from any supplier, and save on the rebates. This alone will pay for your tank!

PETRO Industrial can manufacture and fabricate all our bulk fuel storage tanks

Manufacture & Fabrication

If your business has a fleet of vehicles and you do not track and manage the fuel usage, you WILL lose money!  With our On-Line Cloud Based iPETRO Fuel Management System (FMS) you can do just that, manage and track from anywhere in the world.



The PETRO Industrial team brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to the market. Our team has been handpicked and brings a wealth of both petroleum company and equipment supply, engineering and specification experience to your business.