Dual Generator Feed 11,000L T-Series Self Bunded Fuel Tank | PETRO Walkaround

Join our Sales Manager, Mark, as he takes you for a walkaround of one of our small but specialist projects.

PETRO Fuel Tank Maintenance Services

Refuelling your machinery with contaminated fuel can be catastrophic. Book your next FIXED-PRICE Self Bunded Fuel Tank service today!

How to Prevent Fluid Cavitation | PETRO Tips

Cavitation is the formation of air bubbles in a liquid. These air bubbles form in the low-pressure area (suction side) of a pump. Learn about the causes and how to eliminate cavitation today!

Remote Controlled Motorised Hose Reel and Pump - TCS Meter and PETRO DG Store

This Remote Controlled Hose Reel and Pump, housed in a PETRO DG (Dangerous Goods) Store for a Major Pacific Island fuel supplier, will be used as part of a Maritime Refuelling Facility.