The PETRO T series, LT series and Cubes are a range of Fully Baffled, Globally Approved, Self Bunded tanks, manufactured for the storage of a wide range of hydrocarbon products including Diesel, Petrol and Lubricants by PETRO Industrial.

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The PETRO Industrial product catalogue is an encyclopedia of all things PETRO and the downstream refuelling & storage equipment, and is a handy tool to have when determining what product will best suit your needs. Be sure to download your copy today!

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May 10 , 2018
Self Bunded Fuel Tank Farms

7 Reasons a PETRO Self Bunded Tank Farm Will Fast-track YOUR Project

No matter what the nature of the project is, you WILL need fuel and lubricants (herein referred to as hydrocarbons) to run your project. PETRO Industrial offers tailored tank farm solutions which are suited to the specific needs of your project.

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May 01 , 2018
PETRO Industrial Map and Self Bunded Tank

PETRO Industrial Perth has all corners of the West Coast Covered

PETRO Industrial's coverage of the West Coast of Australia is extensive, to say the least. With branches in key locations such as Perth, Geraldton, Karratha and Darwin, PETRO has the wingspan to provide premium quality, efficient, effective solutions to all locations in between. Read More!

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Apr 13 , 2018
This Fuel Management System Will Save Your Business Money in 2018 | iPETRO Lite

This Fuel Management System Will Save Your Business Money in 2018 | iPETRO Lite

Whatever your business, fuel will represent a significant cost. iPETRO Lite helps you to control this cost by providing secure, controlled fuel to easily manage your home depot refuelling facility.

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