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PETRO ILS400 - DN100 Strainer 

In line strainer for 76mm and 102mm diameter flows. The PETRO ILS400 is a lightweight inexpensive aluminium suction

line strainer for larger pumps such as those fitted to large vehicles and prime movers for bulk industrial deliveries.

  • Protects down stream equipment such as meters and pumps from debris and foreign objects.
  • Strainer basket can only be fitted for correct direction of flow.
  • Drain bosses provided in body and lid to suit any mounting angle.
  • Simply remove lid by unscrewing 2 off lid retaining nuts and remove basket.
  • Adjustment - None.
  • Maximum vacuum to 90kPa.
  • Maximum working pressure to 700kPa.
  • All metal construction. Cast aluminium body & lid.
  • Steel mesh with aluminium surround.
  • Nitrile seal.
  • Available to aviation standard on special order.
  • Mount with arrow in correct flow direction.
  • Made from cast aluminium – light (4.7kg) and has low pressure drop characteristics.
  • 100mm (4”) TTMA flanged for easy installation.
  • Access for cleaning is simple through the quickrelease lid.
  • Available with a variety of filter mesh sizes.


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