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PETRO Resources

About PETRO Industrial:

Who is PETRO Industrial as a business and what are the value we operate under? Read about PETRO industrial's heritage, values and capabilities on the About PETRO Industrial section of our website!


Stay up-to-date with all things PETRO Industrial. The Blog is regularly updated on our site, and disclose exclusive information on the latest news, projects, specials and product information, as it happens, at PETRO! Be sure to head over to the PETRO Blog for some great reading and interesting information.

PETRO Approvals:

PETRO Industrial have invested significant time and resources to obtain the required approvals and certifications in our regions of operation. View all of the PETRO approvals today!

PETRO Quality Assurance:

Think PETRO, Think Quality. At PETRO Industrial, we pride ourselves on delivering projects and providing customer service of the highest quality. Read more about PETRO's quality assurance and ISO9001 Certification today!

Privacy Policy:

Be sure to read the PETRO Privacy Policy. We take your privacy, information and security very seriously.

Returns and Cancellations:

We understand that mistakes happen and that how diligently and efficiently you react can play a large role in how the situation pans out. Please read our Returns and Cancellations policy!