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ARMSTRONG Air Eliminator Range AV-11 / AV-22 / AV-33

The Armstrong all-stainless steel guided lever air vents have been developed to provide positive venting of air/gases under pressure. The AV-11 & AV-13 are designed for the efficient removal of air and other gases from hydronic heating and cooling systems, liquid chilling operations and other light liquid services.


  • The AV-11, 22-22 and AV-13 air eliminators are proven free floating mechanisms to handle pressures up to 570psi at 100º F.
  • They combine the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel with a reliable vent valve.
  • The simple design employs a float which actuates a guided free-floating valve.
  • There are no pivots to wear or create friction that could interfere with the operation of the unit and the lever guide ensures positive closure under all conditions.
  • The units are of such a universal design in that they can be used for a multitude of applications.
  • Body and caps are welded together to form a permanently sealed, tamperproof unit with no gaskets.
  • AV-11 and AV-13: For hot or cold water and non-viscous liquids.
  • Compatible with AVGAS, Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Jet A1.
  • PETRO stock the 11AV, predominantly supplying the unit to vent air from filter vessels.





3/4”  Max Pressure 500psi


3/4”  Max Pressure 550psi


1”  Max Pressure 570psi


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