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Donaldson Filter Element Manifolds

Donaldson Clean Solutions Filter Manifolds increase flow rates beyond the capability of a single or dual filter head.  Multiple manifolds may be assembled together in parallel flow to increase contaminant holding capacity or to clean fluids at high flow rates.  Individual manifolds are configured to provide parallel flow through multiple filters.

Fluid Compatibility: All diesel fuels and lubricants.


Maximum Flow Range

800 to 2650 lpm

Working Pressure

152 psi / 1050 kPa / 10.5 bar

Operating Temperature

-40oC to 118oC

Mounting Connection

4” ANSI 150 Flange

Pressure Gauges

Accessories sold separately


Includes up-stream and down-stream mini-mess sampling ports with M16 x 2 thread

Dry Weight

58 kg




  • Fast, easy and safe to service.
  • Requires no electrical or air hook-ups.
  • Large capacity in small foot print.
  • Flexible mounting options (horizontal or vertical).
  • Cost effective high capacity system.


  • Bulk fuel and lubricant filtration and water removal.
  • High flow transfer into or out of tanks and dispensing.
  • Hard-to-filter high viscosity oils.
  • Inline industrial filtration of gear oils and lubricants.
  • Kidney loop applications.


  • Install on pressure side of pump with arrows pointing in direction of flow.
  • May be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Allow 16.5" / 410 mm clearance to face for filters.
  • Ensure proper containment for servicing filters (drip pan or other).
  • Install filter manifolds per local codes and regulations.
  • Use with Donaldson Clean Solutions filter models DBB8664, DBB8665, DBB8666, DBB8777, DBB0248.


  • Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached.
  • When servicing change all filters, all replacement filters must be identical.
  • Isolate manifold, relieve pressure and drain prior to removing old filters.
  • Install new filters on heads by spinning clockwise, tighten 1/2 turn after filter seats in gasket.
  • Dispose of used filters appropriately.

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