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FILL-RITE AC & DC Arctic Fuel Pumps

When you need to transfer gasoline, diesel, or kerosene in temperatures as low as -40° F / -40° C, you need a dependable fuel-transfer system that delivers top performance – even in the most adverse weather conditions.

We’ve taken four of our top-selling pumps and made them “Arctic Ready” by packaging them with our line of Arctic Duty nozzles, hoses and swivels—and we put them all in one box for your convenience.



It features the industry leading Fill-Rite FR1200 Series DC pump that dispenses up to 15 GPM (57 LPM), and is ready to go for Arctic regions. This pump is ideal for pumping gas, diesel fuel and kerosene in temperatures as low as -20°F / -29°C. The pump features an explosion proof UL/cUL listed 1/4 HP motor with an amp draw that’s easy on your DC power source.

  • Accessories rated to -40°F/ -40°C.
  • Up to 15 GPM (57 LPM).
  • 1/4 HP, UL/cUL motor.
  • Diesel, gasoline, kerosene, E15, and biodiesel up to B20.
  • 2” threaded base for tank mounting.
  • Heavy duty cast iron.
  • 3/4” arctic swivel.
  • Cast bronze rotor with bronze rotary vanes.
  • Built-in strainer.
  • 15 ft. arctic hose with static wire.
  • 3/4” FNPT arctic automatic nozzle with diesel spout.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Replaces FR1210CARC.

FR310VARC - 115V AC Arctic Series Pump

Ready for the coldest temperatures, the FR310VARC boasts a powerful 300 Series high-flow AC Rotary Vane Pump with a 35 GPM (132 LPM) flow rate few competitors can match. It features an explosion-proof, UL listed dual-voltage 3/4 HP motor (115 and 230 VAC) for long life and dependability. The motor has sealed bearings, heavy-duty switch and thermal overload protection. It is designed with a built-in junction box, cast iron pump housing with iron rotor and carbon vanes.

  • Transfer gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel up to B20, kerosene, and E15.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron.
  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • 35 gpm/132 lpm*.
  • 1” x 20ft Arctic Hose.
  • 1” Arctic Automatic Nozzle, and 1” Swivel.


It’s a contractor grade, Arctic ready pump that is suitable for the most challenging environments and conditions. It has an explosion-proof motor with permanent magnet. This high-flow comes ready to install with cold weather accessories. It features a built in check valve and strainer.

  • 20 GPM/75LPM.
  • UL/cUL Certified Motor.
  • Gasoline, Diesel, B20,E-15, and Kerosene compatible.
  • 30 Minute Duty Cycle.
  • Cast Iron Housing Construction.
  • 1” arctic automatic nozzle with diesel spout.
  • 1” x 20 ft. arctic static wire hose & nbsp.
  • 1” multi plane swivel.
  • Pad lockable.

FR700VARC - 115V AC Arctic Series Pump

Rugged and Arctic Ready! This tough AC powered is ideal for static applications in super cold climates. This is a heavy duty pump you can trust for top performance—day-in and day-out. It features carbon vanes and ceramic/carbon seals to reduce wear and maintenance expense. The integral check valve with pressure relief on outlet side reduces pressure drop and improves vertical lift.

  • 20 gpm/75 lpm.
  • Transfer gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel up to B20, kerosene, and E15.
  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • 3/4” Arctic hose.
  • Automatic Nozzle.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction.
  • 3/4” x 15’ Arctic.
  • 3/4” Swivel.
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