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FILL-RITE Rotary Hand Pump

The Fill-Rite FR112 Rotary Hand Pump is especially effective with medium viscosity liquids as well as oils, gasoline and diesel fuels, the rotary action of these easy-to-use pumps allows smooth, continuous transfer at up to 38 litres per 100 revolutions.


  • Suitable for medium viscosity fluids including oils, fuel and diesel fuels.
  • Aluminium body with cast iron rotor.
  • Telescopic steel suction pipe.
  • 38 litres per 100 revolutions.
  • UL listed.
  • Supplied complete with 2.4m of UL listed hose with static wire.
  • Aluminium spout.
  • Check valve.
  • Vacuum breaker.


ADDER for Inbuilt Counter - Litres (Code: FR112CL)

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