Donaldson Filter Head - Suits P561183 Water Absorption Element

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FILTER DONALDSON Head to suit P561183 Water Absorption Element

A great solution for overhead and portable tanks. 

Contaminated diesel can cause equipment downtime and costly repairs. One of the most common sources for contaminant is the diesel storage tank. Many companies have ageing bulk and transportable fuel tanks with obsolete filtration and poor quality breathers. 
Donaldson’s Bulk Fuel Tank Kit contains all of the necessary components to upgrade existing fuel tanks with modern filtration technology. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • 100lpm.
  • 10 um partical removal + water absorption media.
  • Simple Spin-On design for ease of service. 
  • Filtration efficiency 99.5% removal of particles 10 micron or larger (ß10 = 200). 
  • Water absorbing media.