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PIUSI MC Box - Fuel Management System

SKU F1398001A
by Piusi
Original price $3,080.00 - Original price $5,500.00
Original price
$3,080.00 - $5,500.00
Current price $3,580.00
Options: FMS 12V DC MC Box


PIUSI MC Box - Fuel Management System

The Piusi MC Box Lite fuel management system combines some of the well-known Piusi MC Box system functions with the simplicity of the Access 85. Like the standard MC Box, the MC Box Lite fuel management systems limit access to the fuel to authorised users by means of electronic user key or pin code.

It also has the additional function of providing the fuel manager with a consumption report based on total and individual user fuel transactions. With its familiar MC panel, the MC Box Lite fuel management system is a reliable unit that can be easily retrofitted to an existing fuel transfer pump system, making it a simple and cost-effective fuel management solution.


  • Comes with 4 user keys and 1 manager key already configured.
  • Can programme up to 20 individual users.
  • Pre-selection of dispensed quantity function.
  • Stores total consumption.
  • Records individual user consumption.
  • Identifies authorised users by electronic key or pin code.
  • Pump on/off control.
  • Weatherproof enclosure with display cover.
  • AC V. / Hz – DC Volt: 230/50.
  • 35 Watt / Max. Amp. 6,5.
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