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GRACO NXT Dura-Flo Oil Pumps - Wall Mount

SKU 24D604 – NSO
Original price $20,460.00 - Original price $23,100.00
Original price
$20,460.00 - $23,100.00
Current price $20,460.00
Style: NXT Dura-Flo 6:1 Pump


GRACO NXT Dura-Flo Oil Pumps - Wall Mount

Wall Mount Pumps without DataTrak and Thermal Relief Kit

With field proven long-lasting durability, Graco’s NXT Dura-Flo pumps and packages outlast the competition year after year.

Tested to outperform and outlast all other pumps on the market – with its long-life design and intuitive, easy-to-use controls – the NXT Dura-Flo pump is the best value for the money. Fewer parts, faster repairs and long-lasting durability.


  • Pump more oil in less time.
  • Reliable design leads to lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs.
  • High-performing and long-lasting durable pumps.
  • Optional DataTrak™ Control - Intuitive, easy-to-use DataTrak control gives you pump diagnostics, material usage tracking and pump runaway protection.
  • NXT Air Motor - Modular design for easier maintenance with rugged body armor that won’t rust or dent.
  • Modular Air Valves - Easy-to-repair valve eliminates stalling and contains de-icing controls.
  • Integrated Air Controls - Easy-turn, lockable regulator is front-mounted for easy access. Compact and modular with built-in filtration.
  • Piston Valve with Floating Piston Seal - For maximum pressure balance over a range of material viscosities.


    • Fleet service facilities.
    • In-plant large runs.
    • Large volume lubricant transfer.
    • Mining remote fill.

      GRACO NXT Dura-Flo Oil Pumps - Wall Mount - Specifications

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