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Elaflex Aviation Hose Beads Range

Replacing aviation hose can be costly. Fitting Hose Beads saves the hose from rubbing along the tarmac, minimising wear and abrasion damage. The bead allows for relatively effortless manoeuvring of the hose and also acts as a hose marker at night.


  • Constructed of wear resistant nylon material and made in two halves the parts can be easily attached to the fuel hose.
  • The Bead provides lower resistance when hauling the hose out or back and prolongs the life of the fuelling hose.
  • Easy to assemble and replace.
  • Nylon wear-resistant body.
  • Brass fixings.
  • Bright colours for visibility.
  • Require no maintenance only replacement when locally worn “flat” exceeds 40mm length.


  • The Fluid Transfer Hose Bead is available in four standard sizes. All sizes consist of a nylon spherical body in two halves with internal body diameters to suit the outside diameter of the carrying hose.
  • The two halves are clamped together with brass screws and nuts to avoid sparking and build up of static charge.
  • An internal rib or retaining ring grips the hose, preventing the bead from slipping, as the two halves are clamped together.
  • Also available are Hose Beads manufactured with a "Snap-Lock" style specifically for high quality Elaflex Aviation Hose
  • The recommended position of the first Bead should be approximately 1.5m from the Hose End Nozzle and spacing thereafter at 1m along the Hose.

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